If in the past few years you’ve put on a few mysterious pounds, we think we know who you should blame: Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler, co-founders of Smorgasburg, the indie foodapalooza that launched out of the super-curated flea market Brooklyn Flea. What started as a foodie paradise in a vacant lot in Williamsburg has careened into a multi-borough, multi-location empire, with two exciting new locations this summer, downtown at the Seaport and in the hot, busy melting pot that is the Coney Island boardwalk scene.


With vendors like Red Hook Lobster Pound, La Newyorkina and Bon Chovie, Smorgasburg offers beachgoers ambling from the Stillwell Avenue train station a far more diverse array of bites than the standard hot dogs and fried clams beach fare. Though we’ve got nothing but love for Nathan’s, it is nice to know that some small-batch, consciously prepared foods are just a stone’s throw from the shore (also, good booze!). Accompanying the food vendors is a large-scale ongoing art project curated by Jeffrey Deitch, with murals from street-art notables like Shepard Fairey, twin artists How & Nosm, Crash, and more popping up each weekend, adding tons of color to the already riot-like atmosphere. If you plan to ride the Thunderbolt, we suggest you hold out on the wings, lobster rolls, and Allagash White until you feet are firmly planted back on the ground.


Over at the Seaport, the Smorgasburg setup on Fulton Street offers a similarlineup of food vendors, with favorites The Milk Truck, Pizza Moto, Ramen Burger and Cemitas El Tigre offering up stellar nibbles. Selling out of uber-modern pods designed by Brooklyn-based firm Guild, the alley of foodstuffs creates a really cool place to wind down at happy hour or grab a quick, delicious lunch if you work downtown. Noticeably absent from both locations? Dough donuts. But since it’s swimsuit season, we’re not complaining. Fall will be here soon enough.