Hipsters have been known to have affinities for all sorts of old-fogey affectations.  Knee socks. Coke-bottle glasses. Flatforms. One old-folks classic we are totally embracing as a hipster movement? Shuffleboard. Anyone who needs convincing need only spend a few minutes at Royal Palms, a ginormous, (15,000 square feet!) stylish shuffleboard plaza in Brooklyn on Union Street.05-royal-palms-shuffleboard-court

               the best bathroom wallpaper ever

Now in its second year, Royal Palms is picking up steam, with league play and a revolving calendar of food truck vendors who pull right up to a service window, dishing out huaraches and meat pies. There’s also a Bingo night, dominos tutorial, and all other sorts of recreational pursuits. In short, this is where you want to go for a super-fun double date night or celebrate a birthday. Sip a stiff drink, grab yourself a court and a striped cabana to hang out in and let the good times roll. Er, shuffle. All that time you’ve spent playing with your grandma in Boca is totally going to come in handy. Royal Palms, 514 Union Street, Brooklyn (347) 223-4410