You know how sometimes a restaurant opens up and in the span of three days, every single cool person you know seems to be going from there, coming from there, or looking forward to eating there in the next day or so? Right now, Dimes is that restaurant. Your best friend is probably there right now, brunching without you. Recently re-located to a roomier spot on Canal street, this Cali-cool kitchen which emphasizes big flavor in small bites is the Lower East Side’s DIMES_FOOD_0267_20answer to a laid-back, West Coast-style eatery, where the ambiance is super chill and the menu is chock full of virtuous, delicious things to eat that you maybe never knew you wanted to try until now. Putting tahini on toast at home might seem zany, but here it’s straight-up genius, with a hint of sweetness and zing from a smear of honey and fresh mint. Breakfast bowls make meeting early in the day extremely enticing, with luscious chia pudding laced with fruit and buckwheat and acai bowls (basically a hella thick smoothie) topped with exotic fruits luring us away from our usual carb tendencies. Fear not—you can also sink your teeth into a steak at dinner, or have some bacon with your breakfast tacos.

Avocado toast is just the tip of the iceberg.

What makes Dimes such a cool hang is the no-fuss approach to healthy eating that is hard to find here on the East Coast. There are tons of hippie-ish combinations that the servers Dimes_0097are stoked to explain to you, making it totally possible to walk in having never tasted pitaya (a cousin of the dragonfruit) and leave totally, utterly obsessed with it. The sleek, modern atmosphere is easy on the eyes, with pretty-hued pastel tables mixing well with blond wood banquettes. If you’re cruising for some incense or small-batch lip balm bursting with herby botanicals, there’s a wee retail setup, too, as well as gorgeous flora and fauna arrangements, which rotate weekly from Meta Flora. You gotta get over there. Avocado toast is just the tip of the iceberg. Dimes, 49 Canal Street, New York (212) 925-1300