There are wine people and then there are wine people. You know the type—they swirl, they sniff, they send bottles back. If you’re planning a meet-up with some friends who are the latter, arrange to rendezvous at Racines NY, on Chambers Street. The first thing you need to know about this neo-bistro is that the first Racines is in Paris. Soooooo, these folks know their vino17-racines-ny2.w529.h352 s, as they’ve proven to be able to keep the bobos happy. What else should you know? That the food is stellar and as important as the wine cellar, which boasts 800+ labels. Seasonal plates, which shift as the greenmarket offers up new gems, are delectable, and created to partner perfectly with the bottled elixirs you imbibe them with. With a Michelin-starred chef, we’d expect nothing less, but man, it’s hard to do two things, wine and food, so well in this city, where many have tried (and failed).
If you go right now, and you should, the early summer menu will dazzle you with scallops topped with English peas and tender carrots, lamb with fava beans and salsa verde, and local Di Palo’s burrata and Iberico ham. a_560x375-1What to drink? Let sommelier Arnaud Tronche guide you through the extensive list of mostly biodynamic, sustainable wines, many sulfur-free, which yields a particularly gutsy profile. But hey, don’t get intimidated. If you just want a glass of rosé, they can help you out with that, too. In a city full of bars that serve wine, Racines NY stands out as a direct line to Paris, where food and drink are always served thoughtfully, intentionally. Our city does a lot of things really, really well, but this is one instance where we’re giving the City of Light a big thumbs-up. Racines, 94 Chambers Street, New York  (212) 227-3400