One of the downsides of living in a densely populated city is how crowded everything can be. At the first spike of the mercury, every outdoor café, rooftop bar, and park is immediately teeming with bodies seeking sun, breeze, and beer. One of the 11374608_933185093407719_240826347_ncity’s most popular outdoor dance parties, Mister Sunday, started at a vacant lot on the Gowanus canal and has since moved over to Industry City for more room and a less Superfund-y vibe. The latest effort from the team behind Mister Sunday, DJ partners Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, is Nowadays, a sprawling outdoor hang space on the border of Bushwick and Ridgewood, Queens. We know—but wait. It’s a 4 minute walk from the L train. It boasts 16,000 square feet, populated with colorful picnic tables, grassy hills, a ping pong table and a big’ol bar serving up all manner of refreshing drinks, from local vinos to a sick yerba mate soda from Brooklyn Soda Works. There’s excellent food at the grill, which churns out a grade-A grass-fed burger and a serious kale salad. Also, ice cream sandwiches. (Can you see us pumping our fists?)

Your patch of green is waiting,

and there’s plenty for everyone, no crowds, no lines.

photo: @nowadaysnyc

The guys were aiming to create a space that felt like hanging in your best friend’s backyard, and they’ve succeeded. The soundtrack is, predictably, awesome as well: Carter & Harkin’s record collections, loaded with ear-pleasing jazz and world music plus old-school rap and hip hop (last night, the Geto Boys took us waaaaaay back) are at the ready, so occasionally there will be a lull while someone runs to flip the vinyl over. Kids are welcome, and encouraged to run about and roll down the mini-hills, something Carter himself is happy to show them how to do if he’s on hand. You can bring your pooch, too, as long as he or she is on a leash. Open Thursday-Sunday, Nowadays is totally field-trip worthy. Your patch of green is waiting, and there’s plenty for everyone, no crowds, no lines. At least not yet. Nowadays, 56-06 Cooper Avenue, Brooklyn