Shoe shopping is fun (we take it very, very seriously over here). Swimsuit shopping? Not. So. Much. If you’re browsing online, the endless scrolling and analyzing is painful. If you’re shopping in 3-D, the dressing rooms are the killer. And all the tags. And the endless options, none of which ever seem quite right. Make it stop! Enter Bikyni, our absolute, hands-down, favorite new swim line. Founded by former Reformation COO Jude Al-Khalil, Bikyni offers a brilliantly simple mix-and-match format of tops and bottoms, plus one super-sexy one piece, that all work seamlessly together. The suits are cut from luxe jersey sourced from a mill in Italy, but the price tag won’t leave you with your jaw on the floor (read: you can get a suit for under $100).



Modern silhouettes like a tank-style crop top and sexy twist bandeau pair so well with the four bottoms in the collection, which all offer real coverage, flattering cuts, and gorgeous hues to choose from. The best part about the site is the ‘mix and match’ functionality, a slider which allows you to pair up the top you have your eye on with multiple bottoms, to make sure the color and style combo you’re considering look great together (it’s hard to mess it up— the collection was designed to mix together). The fit guide is super-cohesive, giving you the lowdown on all the styles, how they fit, how much support and coverage are offered, with straightforward shots on models so you can see every piece up close.


We know it’s already nearly the end of July, but this summer still has quite a way to go. If you’re skipping the beach because you’ve had nothing to wear, you officially can’t use that excuse anymore. Get a swimsuit that you totally adore and hit the shore in style. You can spend the money you save over at Bikyni on a new pair of MB sandals! (Have you seen our sale?!).