Ace & Jig founders Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson covet fabrics the way some of us covet chocolate or diamonds. Inherent collectors and total textile obsessives, the pair pore over bins of antiques at Brimfield each year, and take inspiration trips to Paris, London, and India to source scraps that will help them dream up new weaving wondersspring2014-05 for their collection of colorful, easy separates, which launched in 2009.

You know how when you were in college and you dreamed up numerous biz ideas with your BFF? These two made it happen, working tirelessly to start their own line after meeting as interns at Language, a label now long gone.

In a time and place when most clothing lines rely on fast and cheap fabrics and methods, Vaughan and Wilson retreat into the past, working with artisans in India who devise their complicated weaving patterns on ancient looms that use old-fashioned power sources (like foot pedaling) to move things along. BIG-TOP-SOLID-PILLOW_grandeThey’re also mamas (Ace & Jig are the initials of their firstborn kiddos, they each have since had two more. Maybe a diffusion line will crop up?), so juggling the business of life lends extra input to their designs, which all strive to be easy to wear, wash, and live in without sacrificing an ounce of style. Each season brings a new suite of cotton fabrics, many of which revolve around inventive combinations of stripes, a never-ending source of design inspo. Since the reverse sides of weavings are just as gorgeous as the top, the pair recently decided to make a few pieces each season reversible, much to the delight of longtime fans who would wish for an easy way to remove the tags and flip their fave dress inside out. In the past few seasons, the line has expanded to include kids pieces (we die, seriously), and homewares like quilts and pillows.

10391010_793831593985358_2572733265973497351_nThis summer we’re living in the meadow top, sexy but boxy and perfect over a bikini, and totally love the way the westside pant crop is perfectly paired with our KM gladiators. The duo have also found a really fun way to present their collections each season, with cinematic trailers that are just as heavy on substance as they are on style. Here’s what’s in store for Fall 2015. Hear that? It’s us patiently waiting for it to arrive in stores.