Catching a chill vibe in the city can be really tough. The subway is hardly an oasis, Central Park is basically overrun with tourists, even the ‘quiet’ commuter trains can be a bit too noisy for us. So when we find a place where zen is the frequency, we tune in. Sky Ting, a brand, spanking-new yoga studioon Canal street, is that sort of place. Co-founded by Katonah yogis Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, the roster of teachers is so rock-solid that we’re game to take any class at any time of day.


Her blend of hatha and vinyasa plus focused pranayama breathing has earned Jones a devoted following. She had been operating out of a private Soho studio until Sky Ting’s opening, teaching a community of yogis that includes quite a few models and fashion editors, so your fellow yogis at Sky Ting are guaranteed to be of the gorgeous, glowy variety. The serene space boasts skylights and bleached wood floors, plus a rotating art gallery and rooftop deck for meditation workshops en plein air. Classes range from high intensity to great-for-beginners, but all levels are welcome at this community-minded spot where the practice, not the buzz, is the real reason to unroll your mat.


This being NYC, there’s also an in-studio boutique where you can snag gorgeous workout gear from staples like Nike and Calvin Klein as well as lively leggings and sexy crop tops from indie line Live The Process. So in case you decide to down-dog on the fly, sans gear, you can look as chic as the yogis to your left and right. They’ll be close, as most classes are pretty packed, so try your best to look good. Sky Ting Yoga, 55 Chrystie Street, NYC