We New Yorkers are a tough breed. We pound pavement, crush into subway cars like sardines and haul groceries up four flights of steps. All of this hardship we endure to live the dream in the city that never sleeps. Our deep love for New York is never more present then when we’re on the West Coast, where all that sunshine and citrus and space can make us feel threatened, and bitter, and, well, freakin jealous as *&%$.


Native Californians, with their laid-back attitudes and outdoorsy lifestyles, give us pause.

Poncho_2Native Californians, with their laid-back attitudes and outdoorsy lifestyles, give us pause. Heidi Merrick is one of these people. Born and raised near the Pacific and the daughter of legendary surfboard shaper Al, Merrick is Instafriends with Kelly Slater and has an abode in Silver Lake that seriously, we can’t handle. A designer with a collection that speaks of true California modern style, her hand is light and breezy but her clothes are no joke: they wear elegantly and confidently, looking dressed-up and down at the same time. As a mom of two, Merrick’s no stranger to the juggle, though her L.A. lifestyle (everything happens in downtown L.A., from designing to production) leaves lots of room for mellow family time and watching the tides. Her Summer 2015 collection, an all-white range of 11249254_668103669961162_1291121614_nmodular pieces that run the gamut from starched and tailored to ethereally breezy, made us want to forget that black is even a color on the spectrum. Mixed in with Merrick’s signature Drake striped tees and her super-mod bikinis, the big picture is one of little effort but major style, summery and crisp but also endearingly year-round (if you live in California). We’re always on the hunt for brands that speak to our passion of careful craftsmanship and sublime style, and this label’s got that magic mojo for sure. We’re even tempted to go out to Cali to shop it, even if it is available closer to home.