This week a little piece of magic opened up downtown on the Battery. Already a green oasis with stunning waterfront views, we can now claim one of the most innovative carousels in the world as our own—the Sea Glass Carousel, designed to delight kids big and small, is a nautical wonder. Designed by George Tsypin, a renowned architect and stage designer, the carousel features an underwater landscape inhabited by illuminated fiberglass fish, which riders sit inside. The effect is one of bioluminescence, that magical glow usually only found deep inside the ocean.

While our city has its fair share of carousels, from Coney Island’s recently restored boardwalk classic and Central Park’s 1950’s merry-go-round to Jane’s Carousel, housed in a glass cube in Dumbo. But the Sea Glass Carousel looks to the future, creating a sensory experience that adults and kids alike will marvel at. Technically impressive (LED light displays, projection and sound installations all whirl together to create a wondrous, immersive effect) and physically astounding, we’re thrilled to have such a delightful diversion a stone’s throw from our HQ. Here’s our plan for the ideal late-summer evening: a stroll along the West Side, a spin on the carousel, and a cold glass of prosecco and a perfectly fired pizza from Gigino’s Battery Park outpost, a waterfront dining spot whose entrance is tucked so quietly behind a grove of trees at Wagner Park that it’s easily overlooked. It’s a well-guarded downtown secret. Shhhh. Let’s keep it to ourselves, shall we?