There’s a French phrase that we feel perfectly describes the ultimate in natural beauty: jolie laide. It’s actual translation means attractive despite having harsh features, and we find that our style touchpoints most often have a bit of an edge to them, a sort of rumpled luxury. This month we brought our collection to Capsule NYC, a curated trade show that placed us in the company of hundreds of up-and-coming brands with gorgeous style and powerful product integrity. One of those brands really struck us: knitwear line Margaux Lonnberg, created by a French street style star whose taste is so on-point that we kept returning to their booth to take it all in.


Obsessed with California but bred in Paris and Morocco, Margaux launched a blog after style blogger Garance Dore suggested she give it a shot. The fallout has been massive, with Margaux falling into the world of fashion easily and comfortably, never careening away from her true sense of style but always finding a way to evolve it. Starting her own line in 2013 gave her even more creative space to roam, and the t-shirts, slouchy blazers and knits that emerged are so perfectly tuned to the times that we’re finding ourselves dreaming of the crisp fall days to come, where we can wrap ourselves in the oversize knit sweaters with rolled turtlenecks and calf-length colorblocked tuxedo coat. Sometimes a little roughness is necessary, right?