Our weekly farmer’s market trips are the surest way to tune in to the change of the seasons. Last week’s corn has been replaced by heaps of apples and pears, trucked in from local orchards experiencing their first crops of the season. While we’re all about a cider donut and a market tote, there is something infinitely more satisfying about plucking the fruit straight from the tree, taking a bite and listening to the crimson skin yield with a snap as we take in the tart, juicy flavor of a Pink Lady or Gala apple. Westwind Orchards in Accord, NY is our pick for an autumn country getaway, whether it’s a day trip or a long weekend away from the bustle of the city.

12039092_1143461519017390_1604573883599978470_oFashion folks by trade, husband-and-wife team Laura Ferrara (stylist) and Italian-born Fabio Chizzola (photographer) bought the farm, so to speak, in 2002. First planted in the 1930’s, Westwind hosted a bounty of apple trees that had become hugely overgrown, leaving lots of pruning and pulling for its new owners to do before even attempting to harvest some fruit. At the onset they planned to turn the orchard organic, and just last year reached that goal. Today the farm is moving in the right direction, producing beautiful fruit from the 500 trees, nurturing over 40,000 bees to help natural pollination, as well as growing pears and berries and vegetables, too.11802793_1109996839030525_6841524451737303683_o

On weekends Westwind Orchard becomes a gentleman farmer’s fantasy, hosting pick-your-own hours from 10-6, as well as serving up wood-fired pizza from a mobile oven. There’s a farm store loaded with local goods, including produce and maple syrup, honey and more (read: arrive hungry). Grab your coziest cashmere, a great pair of boots (may we suggest these?) and a scarf to keep those west winds at bay while you load up your baskets with nature’s bounty. Westwind Orchard 215 Lower Whitfield Road | Accord | NY | 12404