Are we missing summer? Yes. But there’s one silver lining: the wind-down of swimsuit season also means Maison-Kayser-Tribeca-front-roomwe can full-out rejoice at the newest addition to Tribeca’s coterie of bakeries, the supreme, regal experience that is Maison Kayser. Direct from Paris, the new outpost on Harrison Street brings the authentic charm of freshly baked baguettes, croissants, and umpteen other delights dangerously close to our office and shop. Like, we can smell the buttery baking aroma when the doors breeze open. This is crazy.

Maison-Kayser-Tribeca-desserts-1Founded by a fourth generation French baker, Eric Kayser’s empire was born in 1996 in the Latin Quarter of Paris, where he became known for his Maison-Kayser-Tribeca-croissantbaguettes and viennoiseries, traditional breakfast pastries. Since then Maison Kayser has expanded to include locations around the world, including one on the Upper East Side, which gave our Metrocards a workout when it opened a few years, back. To have a location to call our very own seems like a gift, though we know there are many, many gym sessions on the horizon to combat the croissant-shaped bulge over-indulging can induce. For now though, we’ll sip café crèmes and bring home baguettes for dinner, feeling très French as we do. See you there. Did we mention that they deliver in the afternoons? You’re welcome. Maison Kayser, 355 Greenwich Street at Harrison Street.

photo credit: Tribeca Citizen