The other day a friend told us that she had just had the most amazing facial treatment. We begged for deets. It was kind of a face workout, she said. Our minds were boggled. Huh? Exercise for your face? Yep. Turns out that working the muscles of your face, coupled with massage, is a totally beautifying experience, with zero needles or scary stuff.



Face Love Fitness, helmed by an aesthetician and a massage therapist who met as moms on a West Village playground, is changing the skincare game with their signature treatments, which pair reviving massage with targeted interval exercises for each segment of your face. We know—stay with us. Here’s how it works: every Face Love Fitness treatment starts with a warm-up massage, which brings tons of blood to the surface of the skin, instantly upping its glow factor and revving up circulation. Then come the exercises, which take effort but you won’t be breaking a sweat: think pulling your eyebrows apart with your hands and trying to lift them, or squinting your eyes shut tight and then opening them wide. All of these movements charge up the 42 muscles of the face, breaking patterns of tension or stagnation (hello, Candy Crush jaw clenching!) and infuse the cells of the skin with oxygen and bloodflow. After a cool down, where your face is massaged with iced jade rollers, your skin is resplendent. It’s weird, but it works. Women of all ages are flocking to Face Love’s FiDi pop up shop, but come late fall their shiny new location at One Fifth Avenue with be open for business, with a full menu of treatments, fun workshops, and nice company, too: luxe skincare brand Intelligent Nutrients will be their roommate. You can say you knew them when.