Ok quick: when we say lasers what do you think of? Star Wars, SNL skits with cats, and trippy, hippie light shows, right? Prepare to have your mind blown: we just had a facial where not a single squeeze occurred. Instead, a highly-trained nurse practitioner zapped our face with a laser and an Intense Pulsed Light ray, like something out of a science fiction movie. Skin Laundry, a new facial spa in the Flatiron district, is a revelation in skincare, offering lightening-fast (like 7 minutes, all in fast) zero-impact facials that are incredibly effective at helping you get your glow on without any nasty pinching or prodding. Instead of extracting gook from your pores the old-fashioned way, the light+ laser combo blasts your skin with totally safe (but slightly freaky) beams of heat that literally vaporize the buildup, bacteria, and surface cells that clog your pores.



Your skin is left radiant and without any redness or signs of trauma, so you can get right back to work, or head straight to drinks at Smith & Mills without a single swipe of concealer. While we always plan to take better care of our skin, most facials are an hour-or-more ordeal, and usually cost upwards of $100. And we all know that money is way better spent: on shoes. A Skin Laundry sesh costs $65, and there are packages, which help you save cash if you plan to go more often (brides-to-be, we’re looking at you). We know it sounds freaky, but the experience is so low-key that you practically don’t even know it’s happening. The weirdest part? The yucky stuff that’s being blasted out of your pores can emit a kind of sulfur-y scent as it gets obliterated, so it might smell like you’re on fire for a minute or two. Rest assured: you will not be on fire. Your pores will be clear, your skin will feel smooth and silky, and you will have to field all sorts of ‘what are you doing with your skin, it looks amazing’ questions. And you can be all, “oh, nothing, just this laser-light facial thing. That’s all.” Skin Laundry, 112 West Broadway, New York 10013