Ok, it’s winter. Really, really winter, with mountains of snow piling up and extending the seasonal mood between drippy boots in the hall.Our winter getaway dreams continue in earnest, and this time we have our sights set on Isleta el Espino, a darling postage- stamp sized island in Nicaragua.¬†Set amidst a natural oasis home to monkeys, birds, and gorgeous mango groves, this petite hotel offers an organic home-away-from-home in the form of rustic treehouse living outfitted with stylish appointments and a staff that welcomes you like family.

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There’s a yoga deck for A.M downward dogs and stand-up paddle boards at the ready if you’re looking to sightsee and get a deep core workout or colorful hammocks strung up for siesta in the shade.

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This place is, in a word, paradise.

What drew us in was the gorgeous ambiance and exclusive setting: how often is getting away truly getting away? Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 4.31.59 PMIt’s only a brief boat ride from the capital of Granada, but Isleta el Espino seems like another world entirely thanks to the lush surroundings and slowed-down pace. Powered up by the sun, this place is totally off the grid – how many hotels can say that? The lagoon-like pool has a view of Lake Nicaraqua and a volcano in the distance, providing the perfect scenery for quiet contemplation – with a cocktail in hand, of course.

It might just be our Spring¬†collection talking, but man, we’re ready for the beach. How many days until summer?

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