Hey die-hard New Yorkers: we have a secret. Matt recently re-located to Westport, CT after years of living and loving in Tribeca. Drawn by the family-friendly vibe and the wide-open(ish) spaces of the ‘burbs, Bernson and family have settled in and are making a point to put their flag down as firmly as they did in Tribeca.

First up? A brand-new sister shop to the Harrison street boutique, which also serves as MB headquarters. Situated across from one of the first J. Crew shops in the country (how’s that for retail pedigree?), Matt Bernson Westport is a shop that screams ‘big city style’, but in a voice sotto voce enough to keep the country club ladies from getting alarmed.IMG_3132

IMG_3109Designed as a labor of love by Matt, helmed by his dad, Randall, and chock-full of specialty details that make stopping in an experience of discovery, the space is outfitted with details that reference the MB roots in the city and prove that Matt is a designer with scope that reaches beyond shoes. From the steel windows in back (which mirror the Harrison street space) to the display cases ,which mimic the MB gilt-edged shoebox, there’s not a single inch that wasn’t designed with heart and intention.

Was planning out the chevron parquet flooring easy? Absolutely not. Is the effect worth all the number-crunching and anxiety? Of course. Much like designing a new collection, the atmosphere of the Westport store was born from Matt’s aesthetic drive and personal passion, from the art developed in tandem with street artist Tazo to the sourcing of the unique lighting fixtures and mid-century furniture, which lend a residential chic to the commercial space.


We know New Yorkers love the thrum of the city, but if you’re jones-ing for a bit of a change-up, come visit us. Connecticut is cool, too. After all, we’re here!