With Summer coming to an end, we all know that “Winter is coming.” As someone who loves warmth and being outdoors, the closure of summer is still as deeply dreaded now as it was when I was young and it signaled that the freedom from school was over.TheSill_Oct13_001_copy

That’s where bringing the outdoors in comes into play. At our office, the Chief Plant Buyer is our President, Liz Figel. She has a natural love for flowers and plants and is willing to head to the markets early when we have market appointments, bigger meetings, and for our ever changing store window display in our Tribeca Flagship.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 1.22.37 PMThanks to a recent discovery, now we can just head to to choose plants and pots and buy in multiples. There is nothing like receiving an entire plant display ready to go. At home, my wife and I seem to always throw another indoor plant into our lives every time we’re near a nursery and because this site is so well curated and pleasing, I am too often tempted to make a purchase. But I am always thrilled with the results.

With Fall upon us and impending cold weather, I will be turning to The Sill to defrost my spirits. – Matt Bernson