Farmer’s Almanacs, those helpful weather predictors in the checkout lines at our local grocery stores that are too often off our radar, serve great purpose for me as a footwear designer.

I am very connected with the weather and the seasons and how impactful they are throughout the year. Why? Because it’s my duty to deliver the right footwear at exactly the right moment in order to meet the demands from changes in season, weather, temperature, precipitation, trend (plus make sure I note what the Kardashians are wearing or not wearing, determine if the shoes will go with avocado toast, and figure out if they’re perfect for post-spin class or if I should shift to post-barre class instead).

All of this determines purchasing preferences, and being that I want YOU to be ready, I have done the research on what is supposed to unfold throughout the coldest months of the year. For this purpose, I am using the East Coast, NYC in particular, as the epicenter of my field work. Although many non-New Yorkers hate to admit it, this city sets the tone in terms of all types of trend forecasting, and although the winter months tend to hit us a bit harder over here, we know that temperatures will likely be similar wherever you are, too.

According to the Almanac, most of the country, even down to sunny Florida, will be slapped with cold and prolonged low temperatures. It appears like the Southwest will be the only spot escaping the winter storms ahead. Miraval Spa in December anyone?

Since our shoes and product are always at the center of our thought process, we have paired the right footwear choices with each week of the farmer’s almanac predictions to better prepare you for the months to come.

almanac-blog-imagesOctober will hit us with the full emotional range that Fall has to offer: heavy rain that makes you want to stay in by the fire paired with crisp sunny days, perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities like leaf hunting and apple picking, reminding us that the sun is still on our side.

While our days will span from wet to somewhat warm, we can expect an average temperature of 53°, which is 5° above average.

Oct wk 1: will have heavy rain and end sunny – try our PERTH to start and end with the PHANTOM

Oct wk 2: will be sunny and nice – opt for the EMERSON, TRIFECTA, BROOKLYN

Oct wk 3: we’ll have showers and then it will turn sunny and mild – I suggest the PERTH to start and then the WYLDE

Oct wk 4: looks like showers and then cool temps – can’t go wrong with the PERTH, INFINITY, TUNDRA

almanac-blog-images2November is going to be the real deal, much to our dismay, with arctic cold fronts, snow before Thanksgiving, and a few crisp Winter days.

November will be cooler than average and snowier than in years past, so get ready.

Nov wk 1: it will be cool and crisp – go with the INFINITY SHEARLING, PERTH (PS: lined in faux shearling)

Nov wk 2: will be cooler with snowfall – try the HYLAND (also lined in faux shearling)

Nov wk 3: looks like it will be cooler with snowfall – can’t go wrong in the trusty TUNDRA

Nov wk 4: prepare yourself for snow, cold temps, more snow – stock up on the TUNDRA and INFINITY SHEARLING to be extra prepared

almanac-blog-images3December will start off on milder note, and finish with some cold snowy weather. You heard it hear first folks – it will be a snowy holiday season ending in a hopeful “White Christmas”.

Dec wk 1: will be cool but mild – go with our HARPER, KAFKA

Dec wk 2: looks like cool to start but cold by end of week – the HYLAND will see you through

Dec wk 3: it will be cold with snow – outfit yourself in the TUNDRA ELEMENT, TUNDRA

Dec wk 4: looks like cold with some possible snow – try the TUNDRA ELEMENT, TUNDRA

January is a bit too far off for our weekly predictions. However, you can expect a typical cold front with late January ending in some of the snowiest periods. Stay in style during this month with the TUNDRA ELEMENT, PERTH, or INFINITY SHEARLING.