MBMuse: Hélène Heath

The Matt Bernson brand is grounded in New York City both physically and spiritually. We design (chic and comfortable) shoes with real New York City women in mind.
With that spirit, we have collaborated on a new project with like minded New York City-based fashion and lifestyle conscious women, our “MBMuses”, in order to learn from the experiences of the women we admire and who constantly inspire us. While a Matt Bernson Muse has innately good taste and style, it is her sense of adventure, intellect, and confidence that truly make her stand out from the crowd.

img_0128-copySocial and content coordinator by day and fashion blogger by night, Hélène of Fashion Over Reason tells us how she got her start in this multi-million dollar industry.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?img_0137-copy

I am French Canadian and live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and super cute canine, Wally (of #wallyface fame). By day I work for an Instagram marketing company where I run social, content and PR, but my background is in fashion, where I worked in styling and digital publishing for most of my career. I started my blog, Fashion Over Reason, in 2007 as a creative outlet, and have kept at it since then. It was really exciting when Instagram started to become more important because it was a way to strengthen my ties to this little community I was having such an amazing time engaging with. I’m obsessed with aesthetics and love to tell stories through images, so this medium was a natural extension of what I was already doing. I love being able to connect with other women and help them understand that fashion is fun and not intimidating.

Where do you find your fashion and style inspiration?

Literally everywhere! The streets of New York city provide endless inspiration, and my eye is mostly drawn to really individualistic style. I love it when something seems a bit off or quirky. I also love browsing the web (Pinterest! Tumblr!) and Instagram, of course.img_0144-copy

 How does living in NYC influence your style?

The energy in New York is different than anywhere else. Everyone seems to have a personal point of view when it comes to style, which pushes me to harbor mine as well.

img_0274-copyWhat are some of your favorite spots in the city?

Rubirosa is my favorite restaurant in the city. I might be a bit biased because I had my wedding there, but it’s sooo delicious. I love Nitehawk for movies, Broken Land for the best pina coladas you’ll ever have, Rockwood Music Hall for live music, Cafe Mogador for brunch, John Derian for home decor, Stella Dallas for vintage and Opening Ceremony for shopping.

Favorite movie you watched recently?

I just re-watched Center Stage for the millionth time. Should I be embarrassed? img_0295-copy


Favorite TV series?
Law & Order SVU. Favorite show of all time.

Last book you read and loved?
I wish I had more time to read. When I do it’s biographies or autobiographies. I read Grace Coddington’s book recently and really enjoyed it.  

Favorite place to vacation?
Europe. The culture and architecture fulfill all of my wanderlust cravings.

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Photography by Kelly West @kellywestphotog